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.kelly.aka.kiwi. [userpic]

When I close my eyes I'm there...

January 11th, 2010 (04:41 pm)
current song: All Grown Up - bare: a pop opera

This is me not wanting to do laundry.

I'll be going back to Manhattan tomorrow. :) Yay fun stuff! I should be doing things like my laundry that needs to get done, and a bunch of other stuff. But instead I'm on my computer wishing there were people online to talk to.

PERSONALITY TRAIT NUMBER TWO: I obsess over things easily.

I am so serious. I dunno if this qualifies as a personality trait, but it's something I've always done. I obsess over things. Usually broadway related, sometimes not so much. I rarely 'sort of' like something and stick with it. Either I'm obsessed with it and do hardly anything but that thing (along with other obsessions I may have), or it fades away. That doesn't mean obsession don't come and go, though. They do. Heh.


Posted by: didaverseend (didaverseend)
Posted at: January 13th, 2010 04:20 pm (UTC)

*nods in serious agreement*

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